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Will Flirting Get You Out of a Traffic Ticket?

Flirting With Police

Will Flirting With Police Actually Get You Out of a Traffic Ticket in New Jersey?

Most of us heard stories about women who were pulled over by male police officers and got out of their traffic tickets by batting their eyelashes or being flirtatious. Are these just stories or does this actually work?

The real question becomes: Will flirting really get you out of a traffic ticket?

There are two schools of thought.

One side claims that police officers are only human and equally susceptible to temptation as everyone else.

The other side asserts that flirting degrades an officer’s integrity and actually angers him into giving you a traffic ticket.

When this happens, the police officer will not only issue the woman a traffic ticket, but he may also go out of his way to find other offenses to charge her with.

Officers who get offended by such conduct view the flirtation as a bribe and an attempt to subvert the law.

Nevertheless, some officers will fall prey to a pouty face, hair flip, or even puppy dog eyes.

However, even though conventional wisdom tells us that wearing tighter or more revealing clothing can help women get out of traffic tickets, the truth is that it almost never will.

It may divert the officer’s gaze, but––at the end of the day––he needs to put food on the table for his family and that requires doing his job effectively.

Real life is not like the movies––especially when it comes to getting pulled over.

Overall, the answer to “will flirting really get you out a traffic ticket” is a resounding “No.”

Think about it: it is far too risky for an officer to let you off with a warning, when everything that he says and does is recorded on his “dash cam”––no matter how attractive or flirtatious you might be.

In the Digital Age, where everything can be on YouTube in moments, most police officers are taking less chances than a pain relief cream company.

Remember, the best thing you can do if you get pulled over by the police, is be polite and never admit fault.

If the officer asks you, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” feel free to confidently say “No, officer, I don’t” even you suspect he pulled you over for speeding or distracted driving.

You are not a mind reader, and a “suspicion” of why an officer pulls you over is certainly not “knowledge.”

If the officer ends up issuing you a NJ traffic ticket, be sure to reach out to an experienced traffic ticket lawyer who can help you avoid the points, fines, and auto insurance hikes associated with your charge.

If you recently received a New Jersey traffic ticket, contact Michael Botton of The Botton Law Firm today at 732-894-3686.

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