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Tailgating (Following Too Closely) | NJSA 39:4-89

We’ve all been there: A car in front of us is traveling slower than we would like. Not only that, but we are also late and in a hurry.

Before you decide to ride the driver’s bumper, be sure to familiarize yourself with New Jersey’s tailgating law.

In New Jersey, tailgating is officially called following too closely.

Following too closely is considered a serious offense and can even lead to your license being suspended.

Be sure to contact an experienced New Jersey traffic ticket attorney to help you avoid a conviction.

Tailgating Ticket Basics

Tailgating occurs when a driver follows another vehicle more closely than is considered reasonable given the speed of the vehicles, the conditions of the roadway, and the amount of traffic on the road.

A truck driver commits this offense when he or she drives on a highway within 100 feet of another truck.

Although there is no set distance for a motor vehicle, it is generally a good idea to try to remain at least one car length away from the vehicle directly in front of you.

Penalties for Tailgating and Following Too Closely in NJ

Due to the dangerousness involved and the high risk of a collision, a tailgating conviction will put 5 points on your driving record.

Additionally, you will be forced to pay an $85-$200 fine and can even be forced to serve 15 days in jail (although it is rarely imposed).

Moreover, depending on the judge you get and how much discretion he or she utilizes, you could end up having your license suspended.

Lastly, according to the insurance calculator on, your NJ auto insurance could increase by 45%.

Even with a very inexpensive policy, that hike––which can last about 4 years––could leave you paying thousands of dollars long after you were pulled over.

Remember, the costs of failing to retain an experienced NJ traffic ticket attorney are simply far too high.

Make sure to retain a trained professional to help you keep your license and avoid the harsh penalties associated with your traffic ticket.

Who Should You Contact?

If you recently received a New Jersey traffic ticket for following too closely (NJSA 39:4-89), contact Michael Botton of The Botton Law Firm today at 732-894-3686. His team of NJ traffic ticket attorneys have years of experience fighting traffic tickets, negotiating with prosecutors, and getting results for their clients.

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