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Out-of-State Traffic Tickets

Planning a vacation? Make sure you are ready, and we don’t just mean for the trip.

Police tend to target out-of-staters and issue them tons of traffic tickets because they think you will give in and plead guilty instead of coming back to fight the charge.

In reality, most states allow you to have an attorney come to court on your behalf if you received an out-of-state traffic ticket.

That means, for most offenses, you do not need to come back at all when you hire an attorney.

Additionally, an out-of-state ticket will follow you home and can have a very negative affect on your driving record.

It is flat-out false to think that New Jersey will ignore an out-of-state traffic ticket.

Driver’s License Compact and Interstate Driving Compacts

New Jersey has signed onto the Driver’s License Compact. This means that it shares driver information with all other member states and vice versa.

For example, if you receive a traffic ticket in Pennsylvania and hold a New Jersey driver’s license, NJ will know about it.

Not only that, but all of the consequences flowing from that ticket will affect you as well.

New Jersey Drivers With Out-of-State Traffic Tickets

Under NJSA 39:5D-4, out-of-state moving violations transfer back to New Jersey and the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC) will put 2 points on your driving record for each one you get convicted of.

However, the fine, surcharge, and driver assessment fees that you end up owing will go to the state that issued you the traffic ticket, not New Jersey.

Furthermore, your insurance company will be notified of the offense.

An insurance carrier looks to the violation you committed, not the amount of points it is worth in a particular state.

Think about it: if insurance companies looked at points, they would have to reconcile offenses within 50 totally different point systems––not to mention the fact that some states do not even have point systems!

Consequently, car insurance companies look squarely at the violation you committed.

Therefore, even though your conviction will only look like 2 points to you, it will look like the full-blown offense to your auto insurance company.

For example, if you were caught speeding in New York and are convicted, you will end up with 2 points on your New Jersey driver’s license. However, if the speed you were clocked at was 26 over the limit––which is a 6 point ticket in NY––your insurance is going to reflect an increase for going 26 mph over the limit.

Out-of-state traffic tickets can be confusing, so be sure to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney to help you get your charge dismissed or reduced as much as possible.

Who Should You Contact?

If you are licensed in a state other than New Jersey but recently received a traffic ticket in New Jersey, contact Michael Botton of The Botton Law Firm today at 732-894-3686. His team of trained NJ traffic ticket attorneys will fight to get your points and fines reduced while saving you from a serious auto insurance hike as well as the trip back to NJ.

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