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Improper Turn in New Jersey

When you make a turn, NJ law requires you to to stop, look for oncoming cars, and proceed with caution. Failing to do so can result in points, fines, insurance hikes, and a big stain on your driving record.

Making an improper turn in New Jersey falls within a few different statutes.

Three of the most common are NJSA 39:4-115, NJSA 39:4-123, and NJSA 39:4-125.

Improper Turn Ticket Basics (NJSA 39:4-115)

Getting a ticket for violating NJSA 39:4-115 means the police officer is claiming that you made an improper turn at a traffic light.

This ticket is issued usually in two different ways.

First, you can be issued an improper turn at a traffic light ticket when you fail to come to a complete stop and do not yield before turning at an intersection where you were allowed to make a right on red.

Second, if you fail to turn with proper care so as to avoid an accident or pedestrians, you can be ticketed for improperly turning at a traffic light.

Improper Right or Left Turn Tickets (NJSA 39:4-123)

NJSA 39:4-123 covers improper right or left turn tickets.

You can be convicted of making an improper right hand turn if your approach for the right turn or the actual turn itself was not made as close as practicable to the right curb or edge of the roadway.

Similarly, you can be convicted of making an improper left turn on a two way roadway when your approach for the left turn is not made in the portion of the right half of the roadway nearest to the center line.

An improper left turn on a road that is not a two way roadway results when you fail to approach the intersection in the extreme left lane lawfully available for traffic.

Improper U-Turn Tickets (NJSA 39:4-125)

NJSA 39:4-125 prohibits improper u-turns.

If you turn your vehicle around in order to proceed in the opposite direction in an area with an obstructed view within 500 feet of your vehicle, you can be convicted of making an illegal u-turn.

Likewise, making a u-turn in an area explicitly prohibited by a sign can also result in an improper u-turn ticket.

Penalties for Making an Improper Turn in NJ

Regardless of what statute section you violated, making an improper turn in NJ will put 3 points on your driving record.

Additionally, you face a minimum fine of $85 and if the infraction occurred in a safe corridor or construction zone you will be fined $140.

Most importantly, your auto insurance premium will skyrocket and your higher rate will last for approximately 4 years. For most motorists, that could end up being thousands of dollars.

Be sure to contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can help you avoid all of these negative consequences while putting you in the best possible position to win your case.

Who Should You Contact?

If you recently received a traffic ticket for making an improper turn in New Jersey, contact Michael Botton of The Botton Law Firm today at 732-894-3686. His team of traffic ticket attorneys have years of experience fighting tickets just like yours, negotiating with prosecutors, and reducing traffic violations.

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