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Driver Safety Courses

There is a myth that has been circulating regarding driver safety courses, and it is very detrimental.

Thousands of people are getting fooled into thinking that taking a driver safety course will erase or eliminate points from your driving record.

Some even think that the course wipes away a violation entirely.

Unfortunately, all of that is 100% false.

The Truth About Driver Safety Courses

In reality, driver safety courses will not erase or eliminate points from your driving record.

The proof? Request a copy of your NJ Driver’s Abstract. On it will be a running list of every violation you were convicted of and the points that you were assessed.

Granted, it is true that your driver’s abstract will also include all of the so-called “point credits” that you received due to taking driver safety courses.

However, taking these courses does not expunge or remove the blemish on your driving record. See for yourself; all of the points are still in plain sight on your record.

Not only that, but a safe driver course will not necessarily help you avoid insurance hikes either.

While your insurance carrier can choose to give you a discount for taking it, there is no guarantee that your rates will not skyrocket due to the initial traffic ticket conviction.

Ultimately, taking a driver safety course is no substitute for hiring a NJ traffic attorney to fight your ticket.

If That’s True, What Does a Driver Safety Course Do?

We know what you’re thinking: “Then what does the course do?”

Taking a driver safety course can potentially accomplish two things.

First, it will increase the threshold amount of points you need to accumulate before the State of New Jersey can suspend your license.

In other words, if you have 12 points, but are given a 2 point credit, your license will not be suspended.

However, your insurance carrier will see all of the violations on your abstract and it is still quite likely that they will raise your premium drastically.

Second, taking a safe driver course is sometimes a bargaining tool a lawyer can use to help you get a lower charge or a complete dismissal.

It should be noted that this is not offered everywhere and sometimes is even laughed at when offered. When it is available though, it can be a powerful weapon in any traffic ticket attorney’s arsenal.

Beyond that though, a safe driver course accomplishes––unfortunately––much less than most think.

Don’t believe the hype.

Contact an experienced NJ traffic ticket attorney to help you fight your case before you even need to worry about going to traffic school or contemplate taking a safe driver course.

Who Should You Contact?

If you recently received a New Jersey traffic ticket, contact Michael Botton of The Botton Law Firm today at 732-894-3686. His team of NJ traffic ticket attorneys have years of experience fighting traffic tickets, negotiating with prosecutors, and reducing traffic violations.

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