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Did Morristown Police Make Up Traffic Charges?

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Man Sues Morristown Police for Trumped Up Traffic Charges

A man recently alleged in a lawsuit that when he gave a Morristown police officer a hard time about using a cell phone instead of paying attention to a traffic violation, the cop cited him on trumped-up traffic charges.

The man also asserts that as he brought a complaint up the chain of the command, several supervisors told him the cop was in the wrong.

The man told NJ Advance Media, “It seems the Morristown Police Department can’t be trusted to police itself.”

The man claims in his lawsuit that he made a remark in frustration over how a Morristown Officer was caught using his cell phone while driving and failing to notice a traffic violation that nearly resulted in a collision.

In what is being called retaliation, the officer allegedly got annoyed and ordered the man to pull over for obstructing traffic.

Later on, when the driver called the police department and asked a supervisor to come to the scene, Sergeant Matt Edwards arrived and found that he did not do anything wrong.

According to the lawsuit, Sergeant Edwards was upset with the police officer for pulling the driver over, and told him that such conduct was not acceptable.

Originally the driver was told he was free to go without any traffic tickets, but stuck in the paperwork was the initial traffic ticket for obstructing traffic.

The legal complaint goes on to claim that then-Captain Steve Sarinelli apologized for “an ordeal” and the officer’s behavior.

When asked to comment, the Morristown Police referred reporters to municipal attorney Vijayant Pawar, who said he had not yet seen the lawsuit and could not comment on pending litigation.

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