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Bill Introduced in Missouri to Lower Cap on Traffic Ticket Revenue

Traffic Ticket Revenue

Bill Introduced in MO to Lower Cap on Traffic Ticket Revenue

Paul Curtman, a Missouri State Representative, joined a list of lawmakers filing revolutionary legislation to lower the amount of general operating revenue that local governments can receive from traffic tickets.

According to Curtman, certain cities around Missouri received exorbitant amounts of revenue from traffic tickets.

He explained that speed traps are not appropriate ways of generating revenue and people should be able to have confidence that their government is going to exercise discretion instead of abusing a system just to bring in more revenue.

The current law in Missouri says that if any city or county receives more than 30% of its general operating revenue from traffic fines and court costs, the excess must be sent to the Missouri Department of Revenue to distribute to schools.

The bill filed by Curtman and other lawmakers would lower the 30% cap to 10% in terms of the amount of general operating revenue a city or county could get from traffic fines and court costs.

Having a cap like this in New Jersey would dramatically impact the way in which drivers looked at traffic ticket stops.

Think about it: if drivers knew that the focus of a traffic ticket was safety and not increasing funding for local municipalities, motorists would be much less jaded when they receive a ticket for speeding or running red lights.

This mind-shift alone could itself help promote safety.

Nevertheless, New Jersey has not put forth legislation to do something like this yet and its citizens are just starting to calm down from the revenue-gouging red light traffic ticket program that recently sunset.

Getting a traffic ticket can be extremely expensive. Aside from the points that stain your driving record and the fines/surcharges that really ding your wallet, your auto insurance can go through the roof.

In order to mitigate the short term financial costs and long-term consequences associated with a traffic ticket, it is highly advised that you reach out to an experienced NJ traffic ticket attorney who can tell you what you are facing and help beat your ticket.

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